MotoConcepts Motostand and Motopad Trackside - Product Review

While browsing the Dealershow last year, we saw a lot of bike stands and pit products on display. We were intrigued by the Moto Concepts take on the bike stand and it’s matching Motopad base. We decided to give them a real workout by a few of our testers at home and on the track.

First the MotoStand:

The Motostand is constructed of injection molded plastic with a rubber top and snappy graphics on the side. It has the standard proportions of many bike stands and a base that seems a little bigger than most we had kicking around the garages. There are 8 colors for the stands which include blue, green, orange, red, pink, white, black, and yellow. The stock graphics are clean and the vinyl is thick enough to stand up to pressure washer type abuse. The stand measures 16″ x 16″ at it’s base, 11.5″ x 11.5″ at the the top and is 17″ tall. As function goes this is one stable stand, as stated the base is quite large and totally flat. None of us at TMA are fans of the rounded base tubes seen on the competitors metal framed stands. The Motostand stability really shines when loading or unloading bikes from the pickup. When used as a step you often need to push off on the stand when loading, and often on uneven ground, and it inspires confidence in this application. When used as a stand we were never in doubt of the strength of the stand, plop a bike down and start working, no issues whatsoever with strength. It does not wobble or flex.


Overall…bulletproof. The rubber grooved top has held up quite well since we have put the stand into service, with only a few very small gouges in the rubber. Cleanup has been a breeze, once contaminated with oil or chain lube we just hit it with some degreaser (Finish Line Speed Degreaser) and if we’re feeling saucy we put on some Maxima SC1 detailer to shine it up. For space saving when transporting, many of us will put a gas can in an upside down bike stand. We did try putting a few gas cans in it to see if they fit, our Matrix Utility can fit in just fine on a slight angle when in, old school rectangular red cans of course do not fit, most square form factor cans should fit. The interior dimensions are about 9″ x 9″ if you want to check to see if yours will fit. Because there is no shelf built into the stand, the gas can sits low in the stand when flipped over. Any stand with a shelf really does not work to hold a gas can as it places the gas can too high, and makes for an unstable setup for most situations.


The Motopad Trackside:

The Motopad is designed to be a base of operations when working on your bike where else but trackside. The Motopad is made of injection molded rigid plastic and has a rubber-ish (not rubber but not hard plastic) insert on the middle section (black section as seen in the photo’s). It has 2 metal hinges that facilitate it’s folding up for transport. The outer edges are ramped to make it easier to roll the bike up onto the pad for lifting onto a stand. The edge also has 4 trays recessed into it to place tools and small parts so they don’t get lost or roll away. The pad has grooves made into it that we assume are for water drainage, aesthetics, or to reinforce the plastic. One key to the design is the recessed portion in the middle which fits a Motostand. This keeps the stand flat and reinforces to pad at the hinge area.


In use, the base worked great, it was very durable, we only have a few small scratches after 3 plus months of use. Our chief area of initial concern was the hinge/fold spot, but so far we have not had any issues. We sought out some uneven ground and were impressed at how well it has held up. So durability and overall quality is very good.

As far as practicality, that is another issue. It is big, measuring 36″ x 84″ when unfolded and not being able to roll it up like the Matrix pad it takes up a lot of room and you need to plan for that. It is a bit heavy too, when folded there are holes for carrying. It will fit under a motorcycle within it’s wheelbase but barely, you can stand it up along in a trailer or garage. Is the Motopads’ benefits worth the hassle of carting this thing around? That would be your call, but for us it does not make much sense unless your say at a multi day race where you set up camp for days, and your working on your bike frequently. We suppose the more you work on your bike on site, the more it makes sense.


As a combo the stand and pad work well together, and are made to. If you use the base, you really should use the stand as they work so well together.


Product: Moto Concepts Motostand and Motopad Trackside

Price: $69 stand / $159 Motopad

Contact: MotoConcepts  / 877-321-2199

Writer: Jon

Tester: Jon / Fred / Spencer